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Cut your accounts payable processing time by 65% or more annually. Get real-time visibility with 24/7 access from any device.

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Thanks to Sage Intacct’s flexible reporting and automated accounts payable software solution, Healthcare Financials and KPIs

  • Shortened their monthly close by 5 days
  • Saved 10 hours per month in report preparation
  • Gained real-time visibility into key operational metrics

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Automate accounts payable and save thousands of hours

With Sage Intacct’s accounts payable software, your business saves thousands of hours—and hundreds of thousands of dollars—by automating manual accounts payable processes and eliminating inefficient workflows. Just point and click to configure approvals processes that work for your organization.

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With Sage Intacct accounts payable software, you can track and view payments, approvals, and reports—anytime, anywhere.

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Sage Intacct Accounts Payable automated processes eliminate repetitive payment tasks by

  • Automating processes and eliminating inefficient workflows.
  • Cutting bill processing time 50%
  • Cut your account payable processing time

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There’s no time like real time for accounts payable

With Sage Intacct accounts payable software, you can track and view invoices and payments, approvals, and reports—anytime, anywhere. See your accounts payable liabilities and vendor-aging reports, and bill and check register reports across your business in real time.

Discover how your business can leverage digitalization to

  • Challenge status quos and establish market leadership
  • change how the accountancy profession is conducted in its entirety
  • Transform decision-making through improved reporting and visibility

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We keep you in control

Sage Intacct’s accounts payable software lets you create automated, configurable processes to enhance internal controls and ensure complete accountability. You define the invoice workflows and approvals so you have complete visibility into the entire accounts payable process. You can even set spending limits to maintain budget compliance with Spend Management.

Learn how Sage Intacct consolidate hundred of entities in minutes.

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Simplicity and control for smarter payment management

With Vendor Payment Services built on the American Express Global Commercial Services infrastructure, you automate your check, ACH, or credit card payment runs to speed up the process, save you time and money, and reduce your risk. You decide what to pay and how to pay it—Sage Intacct and American Express take care of all the details.

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